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A Fully Integrated Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Solution

Axion Health’s ReadySet  is a comprehensive OHS management software solution developed by an Occupational Health physician.  ReadySet solves many of the employee health management problems facing today’s OHS managers.


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Manage All Occupational Health Data in One Central System

occupational health softwareTotal employee well-being has shown to protect employees and correlate with increased productivity.  This is why a comprehensive employee health and safety program fulfills both a moral responsibility to your employees and a fiduciary responsibility to your organization. To ensure compliance with both regulatory and corporate OHS  requirements you need comprehensive occupational health software to help you manage the job.

Your current process may still require burdensome paper forms, disparate spreadsheets and data warehouses stored on siloed local computer systems. These systems are inefficient, prone to error and don’t readily allow for real-time data analysis.  A market leading software management system, such as ReadySet, provides key data synthesis for process improvement, cost reduction and regulatory compliance.


The ReadySet occupational health software helps you achieve the goal of standardization across your enterprise, eliminate inefficient, disparate systems and capture all your occupational health data in one central system.  The ReadySet occupational health software is designed to enable the entire organization’s involvement in achieving safety and employee well-being goals.


ReadySet occupational health software is a complete solution for all your occupational health management needs. Pre employment screening, medical surveillance, immunization management, injury and return-to-work evaluations can all be tracked via the ReadySet occupational health software.  The ReadySet occupational health software is a software as a service (SAAS) platform that is equally capable on smartphones and tablets as it is on standard desktop and laptop computer systems. This flexibility empowers everyone in your enterprise with the anywhere/anytime ability to complete a health survey, print personal health records or complete a first-report of injury submission.


The ReadySet occupational health software assigns, tracks and collects comprehensive information regarding a employee injury incident. It collects pertinent information on incident timing, party’s involved, clinical care received, witnesses, regulatory reporting information (OSHA, State WC, DOT, etc.) and case management needs.  The comprehensive, error-free capture of information is key to ensuring regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.











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