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ReadySet Provides A Complete Solution

Timely reporting is essential to managing employee health and safety incidents. ReadySet provides an online web-based incident reporting tool available 24/7 to employees and managers.

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Good Incident Reporting Cornerstone to Health & Safety Management

incident reportingIncreased productivity has been shown to correlate with high employee well-being. The health and safety of your corporation is not just an ethical responsibility, but a good business decision!  To ensure that you are meeting your organizational and regulatory OHS requirements, a comprehensive incident reporting system is needed.  Incident reporting is the cornerstone of good safety management and helps ensure alignment with corporate and regulatory OHS needs.  In many cases, employees will delay incident reports or provide incomplete information without a capable incident reporting system.


Many incident reporting systems include shuffling paper forms, disparate spreadsheets, and silo’ed document storage.  These systems are inefficient, prone to errors, can be subject to regulatory scrutiny and don’t readily allow for the analysis of key information. These inefficiencies can impede process improvements and cost reductions.


Eliminate inefficient systems and capture all your incident reporting needs with the ReadySet incident reporting solution!


ReadySet incident reporting is designed to include the entire organization in achieving overall safety and employee well-being goals.  

  • ReadySet provides a complete, coordinated system for all incident recording and reporting.
  • Injuries, near misses, security concerns, safety observations, clinical care and more can be tracked with the ReadySet incident reporting software.
  • ReadySet employee incident management is a SaaS platform available on smartphones, tablets and other mobile systems. This gives anyone in your enterprise flexible access to file a report or complete/update their assigned task as it relates to an incident.

No internet? No problem. ReadySet incident reporting can collect information in the field and sync-up with the main system once internet connection is re-established.











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