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The comprehensive employee wellness solution leverages preventative measures that benefit both the employee and employer.

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ReadySet's Employee Wellness Module
Identifies Risks and Tracks Changes

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A growing resource of information supports the theory that healthy employees are more productive. Healthy employee groups exhibit a reduction in absenteeism, and healthcare costs. Employee wellness programs are a major part of this health-driven productivity focus.


Employee wellness efforts vary greatly from company to company.  One company may spend millions of dollars for a custom, full-service program, while others may rely more on grass root programs run by a volunteer employee wellness coordinator.  Regardless of your size and capital resources, there are programs available to get you started on path towards employee wellness.


No matter your employee wellness strategy, an employee wellness initiative should include a few key elements

  • Participant Input
  • Goal Setting
  • Roll-out Planning
  • Plentiful Communication
  • Participant Incentives
  • Sustainment Planning
  • Measurement
  • Participant Feedback
  • Adjustment

ReadySet’s wellness module includes a health risk assessment (HRA) developed by one of the nation’s foremost authorities on employee wellness solutions. The ReadySet HRA survey provides an electronic employee input tool to gather information vital to a meaningful employee wellness assessment. The HRA survey is then securely stored where an employee assessment report is automatically generated for each participant. This report is formatted as a health risk assessment letter that details the individual's risk level in key wellness areas.  Also, the wellness data can be analyzed at both the individual and group level to determine the focus of further employee wellness efforts.


Axion Health also partner's with a leading, full-service wellness program provider to meet your comprehensive wellness needs.  Contact Axion Health for more information.












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