Ebola Exposure Management Module

A Complete Solution for Effective Exposure Management

ReadySet solutions give organizational leaders and occupational health managers the tools for effective communication, exposure notification, surveillance implementation, clinical charting and reporting.

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Real-time Personnel Tracking for Ebola Exposures

ebola-exposure-management-moduleComprehensive Exposure Management Software

  • Online travel and exposure self-reporting by staff and employees for real-time notification
  • Immediate key personnel alerting of positive survey or surveillance results
  • Exposure and symptom survey for effective, consistent information collection
  • 21-day surveillance survey for reliable medical surveillance
  • Customized charting, reporting and communication for a fully capable exposure management system

About the ReadySet Solution

Axion Health further demonstrates its focus on innovative, customer-focused solutions with the release of the new Ebola Exposure Management Software. This solution was designed to give organizational leaders and occupational health managers the tools for effective communication, exposure notification, surveillance implementation, clinical charting and reporting.

  • Online employee travel and exposure survey available anytime, anywhere via any internet capable computer
  • Online employee ‘incident self-report’ feature allows employees to self-report a suspected Ebola exposure anytime, anywhere via any internet capable computer
  • Online employee symptom survey captures employee's twice daily temperature readings during the 21-day observation period.  Entries are possible anytime, anywhere via any internet capable computer
  • Real-time symptom survey updates allows clinicians to see information as it happens
  • Custom email alerts of positive self-reported travel, exposures and key survey responses
  • Incident management features to handle large exposure group communication, information collection and reporting
  • Full-time Axion Health clinical content team ensures surveys, forms, and reports are current to the most up-to-date standards and information as the recommended work flows evolve
  • Custom reports provide visibility to complete organizational overview and status
  • HIPAA & NIST 800-53 compliant employee EMR provides increased level of data security and employee privacy

ebola-exposure-management-modulePlus, the Incident Management features provide additional functionality vital to successful command and control.  Occupational health managers can add multiple participants to the unique incident record, email the entire incident group and assign exposure surveys.  Likewise, all exposure management actions can be labeled with one incident number for organized, real-time tracking of the incident's evolution. The optional Injury, Illness and Exposure (II&E) Module allows the organization to provide closed-loop management of the exposure. II&E allows companies to track exposures as work injuries, assign case numbers, track time away from work, manage return-to-work actions and create OSHA reports. Timely, accurate and complete documentation can make the difference in managing a worker's comp claim and passing OSHA inspections.


Beginning on January 1, 2015, any occupational injury that requires in-patient hospitalization must be REPORTED to OSHA within 24 hours. Some organizations may be required to adjust for this OSHA change during the Ebola pandemic. Combining the ReadySet Incident Management Module, II&E Module and Ebola Exposure Management Module allows organizations to manage Ebola exposures and illnesses seamlessly at the organizational level.

The ReadySet Well-being Management Software

The ReadySet system helps to improve exposure surveillance, occupational health work flow and real-time organizational reporting.  ReadySet’s Ebola Exposure Management Module provides a complete Ebola occupational health management solution. The HIPAA compliant, clinically based, work-flow centric solution includes tools to address exposure incidents from initial exposure identification…to 21-day medical surveillance…to return-to-work assessment.  Implementing ReadySet with its Ebola Management Module frees your employee health group to focus on protecting the employees rather than creating work-flow management processes.


Axion Health provides employee well-being solutions. Its flagship ReadySet software optimizes employee well-being and engagement for health systems, government agencies, and industry with its occupational health, safetywellness and employee engagement solutions.  The ReadySet software is clinically-focused, easy to use, HIPAA compliant, web-based and paperless.  











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