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Employee/Occupational Health programs provide preventative measures and management capabilities that benefit both the employee and employer. The ReadySet Employee/Occupational Health solutions provide the tools needed to run a successful program.

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Clinically-Focused, Easy-to-Use and Secure OHS Solutions

solutionsAxion Health provides one of the most modern, scalable, and stable occupational health and safety (OHS) platforms available today. Axion Health's co-founder and CMIO is a world-recognized occupational health physician who guides Axion Health’s clinical focus and its understanding of workflows in occupational health and safety. Using a true web-based platform — unique in the marketplace — Axion Health delivers the flexibility and availability that consumers and healthcare professionals have come to expect in their daily lives.


ReadySet Solutions:

  • Are accessible from anywhere at any time with Internet connectivity
  • Are compatible with mobile devices
  • Provide fast and accurate employee electronic health record data entry and retrieval
  • Feature instant, system-wide reporting across multiple locations and facilities
  • Foster reduced errors through elimination of double data entry
  • Eliminate filing, distributing, and collecting of paper forms
  • Prevent lost information through real-time data capture
  • Automatically generate government-mandated compliance reports

ReadySet Solution Examples:



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