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Vision testing, including recording and tracking of results for visual acuity and colorblind tests, is a preventative measure that benefits both the employee and employer's healthcare cost management.


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Visual Acuity and Color Discrimination

vision testVisual acuity and color discrimination assessments can be part of a pre-placement or regularly scheduled program. The vision test module contains a survey that gathers all required information from the worker and a charting form for clinical visit documentation.


Axion Health’s ReadySet system also interfaces with compliant equipment to seamlessly transfer vision test data to the electronic medical record.


vision testThe ReadySet vision test module is 100% paperless:

  • Accessible from anywhere at any time with Internet connection
  • Secure access backed by NIST 800-53 compliance1
  • Self-service employee portals
  • Fast and accurate data entry & retrieval in employee electronic medical record
  • Easy access on mobile devices
  • Easy to report across multiple locations and facilities
  • Reduced errors through the elimination of double data entries
  • Robust data filtering
  • No need to carry files to a clinic
  • No filing
  • No distributing and collecting paper forms
  • No lost information


1. NIST 800-53: National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-53, "Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations."


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