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Some work environments contain employee hazards that require a formal medical surveillance program. ReadySet® provides
the tools and clinical decision support that help ensure compliance wth OSHA and organizational requirements.



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Enhanced Medical Surveillance Module

The medical surveillance module provides the framework needed to establish a worker medical surveillance program and the tools to track and monitor workplace exposures. Axion Health ReadySet software has hundreds of medical surveillance protocols, which are available to aid in protecting employees in their unique workplace.


Additionally, OSHA mandates medical surveillance for exposure to certain chemicals and substances.  The ReadySet software offers solutions to help ensure proper medical surveillance implementation and programmatic overview.  Walk into your next OSHA audit with full confidence in your medical surveillance program and reporting.

The U.S. Department of Energy has counted on Axion Health to provide crucial medical surveillance management solutions for over 10 years! 


medical surveillanceThe medical surveillance module is 100% paperless:

  • Accessible from anywhere at any time with Internet connectivity
  • Secure access backed by NIST 800-53 compliance1
  • Fast and accurate data entry & retrieval from employee electronic medical record
  • Auto-populated OSHA forms
  • Easy to report across multiple locations and facilities
  • Reduced time and errors through the elimination of double data entries
  • Robust data filtering
  • No need to carry files to a clinic
  • No filing
  • No calls from employees for their records
  • No distributing and collecting paper forms
  • No lost information

1. NIST 800-53: National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-53, "Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations."


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