Base Configuration Service

ReadySet offers a robust set of configuration system services. Optional modules and services allow you to
configure the system to your specific needs.


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Implementation & Training

implementation and trainingAxion Health maintains a full-time, dedicated staff of professionals who manage implementation, integration and training for the ReadySet software platform. This staff ensures the market's best implementation and training services. Each professional has an in-depth knowledge of employee and occupational health practices and procedures. Each implementation expert uses well-defined and time-tested processes to provide a "live" system in as little as 8 weeks from contract signing.


Training is accomplished using a combination of face-to-face and online training tools. A growing library of self-training and support tools is available 24/7.  Self-study and webinar training materials include:

  • Web accessible application demonstrations
  • Simulation environments
  • Learner guides (completed by end users while viewing training materials)
  • User guides
  • Quick guides 

Onsite training is typically scheduled shortly before the go-live date and concentrates on teaching users to assimulate the ReadySet platform into the daily clinic workflow.


Axion Health continually updates training content as new products and features are added to ensure the most current training tools.



“I wanted to take a minute to let you know our feelings about working with Kelly...She has such a nice sense of humor and very strong organizational and professional skills to keep things on track. Also, she has the ability to simplify things and bring them down to a level that everyone can understand. She is incredibly tolerant of the million questions that we have on our end and, since we are a very small department, that’s critical...”


Also, your help desk people are outstanding!


Amy L. Guidi, RN, Monongalia Health System











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