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Scheduling Pre-Employment Health Screenings

hr portalThe specialized HR portal empowers recruiters by letting them manage all required health screening activities for potential employees, including new, re-hire and transfer candidates. This entire pre-employment process is managed through the portal, which is seamlessly integrated with the organization's HR system.


To begin the process, the recruiter enters only the candidate's name and their JOB description. Through the HR portal, the system automatically assigns all required health programs and tests. The recruiter then schedules all pre-employment screening appointments as needed.


The candidate completes their assigned surveys (via the Internet) prior to arriving at the clinic for their screening appointment. Upon completion, the ReadySet® software's real-time management system automatically notifies the recruiter of the candidate's status and whether or not they are approved for duty.


Recruiters, who use the HR portal, are allowed access to only the information they need. The system blocks their access to any sensitive health information.


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