Employee Portal

The ReadySet "MyHealth" portal provides employees with an integrated way to access their health records, check appointments and complete surveys, significantly reducing distracting phone calls and email requests to employee health.

Organizations that use ReadySet will recognize a savings of 6 hours per month for every 1,000 employees in their organization. For example, a 20,000-employee organization can save, on average, 120 FTE hours per month, when employees are empowered to access their own records via MyHealth. Many customers more than double that savings during flu season!*


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Employee Health Records Access with Seamless Integration

employee self service Your employees have secure, 24/7 access to their unique health records, using most Internet- connected computers and mobile devices. Through this employee self service portal, employees are able to:

  • View and print medical exam and test results from their electronic medical records
  • Complete and print health forms, such as health assessments, health history, waivers and declinations
  • View and print results letters, certifications and appointment information
  • Complete an injury notification
  • Complete surveys online prior to the actual visit

Patients having access to their own health records through the employee self service portal promotes employee engagement while, at the same time, reduces — or even eliminates — the need for clinicians to retrieve and print patient records.


The Axion Health employee self service portal is a fully integrated part of the system. As such, clinicians do not need to download records and upload reports as required by other employee portals.


* Analysis performed using total number of records downloaded from ReadySet MyHealth between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. An average of 7 minutes was used to calculate total hours of savings to answer the phone/email, obtain the release, and locate records, copy and fax or mail.








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