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Timely reporting is essential to managing employee health and safety incidents. ReadySet provides an online web-based incident management tool available 24/7 to your employees and managers.


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Incident Management When Incidents Get Complicated

employee incident managementIncident Management enables authorized personnel to initiate, record and manage various acute injuries, exposures and events, involving one or more persons from a single setup point.


This feature allows for single collection of incident identifier, incident timing, type (injury, illness, exposure), and nature of incident. ReadySet will then attach this information to all survey, charts and reports involved in the incident. In addition, it allows group initiation and follow-up of questionnaires, appointment scheduling and other call-to-action notifications to injury employees and witnesses.


Incident Manager Benefits:

  • Greatly increases the speed to which incident information can be collected and disseminated
  • Improve management and tracking of multi-person exposure incidents like Ebola exposures
  • Eliminates/reduces redundant data entry and other repetitive tasks
  • Provides real-time status of questionnaire completion
  • Accurately and easily tags additional follow-up documentation or testing to the incident
  • Delivers seamless integration with Illness, Injury and exposure module
  • Features automatic incorporation into OSHA reporting
  • Includes seamless integration with Workers Comp Case management module
Good incident reporting is the cornerstone to health and safety management. The ReadySet incident reporting solution is a complete, coordinated system for the recording and reporting of all incidents.


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