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Drug and alcohol screening is important whether as part of an employer drug testing program,
pre-employment testing, or incident investigation.


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Employer Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

drug testing for employmentThe drug and alcohol testing module can be used for pre employment screening, for-cause tests, random tests, and post-incident investigation. The drug testing for employment software also has tools for selecting test subjects randomly, by percentage of workforce, or other selection criteria as defined by the clinic or employer.


The drug testing for employment module can electronically receive test results data from toxicology labs and attach them to the employee's electronic health record.


drug testing for employmentThe drug testing for employment module is 100% paperless:

  • Accessible from anywhere at any time with Internet connection
  • Secure access backed by NIST 800-53 compliance1
  • Instant system-wide reporting
  • Fast and accurate data entry & retrieval in employee electronic medical records
  • Easy access on mobile devices
  • Reduced time and errors through the elimination of double data entries
  • No filing
  • No distributing and collecting paper forms
  • No lost information


1. NIST 800-53: National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-53, "Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations."


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