Optional Interfaces

Reliable device interfaces help improve workflow efficiency and ensure data integrity.  ReadySet provides data download compatibility with an array of OHS devices to reduce data management workload and improve data reliability.


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Data Capture Standards

Barcode Readers

ReadySet software is compatible with most USB-connected barcode scanners, facilitating patient identification and charting for such things as  vaccination campaigns and other mass events.


The ReadySet system offers internal MDGuidelines links for easy information lookup. This enables health care providers, case managers, and employers to communicate consistent, accurate expectations on return-to-work treatment and disability duration. It facilitates better case management, improved disability outcomes and overall company productivity. MDGuidelines is available as an optional part of the ReadySet case management and workers' compensation modules.

Dragon Dictation

The ReadySet software has the ability to receive voice-recognition dictation.  Dragon Dictation takes your spoken word and converts it to written text. Speaking your content enables you to spend less time on paperwork and more time caring for workers. 


The ability to convert spoken voice to text is accomplished using Dragon Dictation software, which may be purchased from many leading software vendors.

Other Device Interfaces

We are soon to release a very robust device interface solution called Synapse. Synapse will allow data capture from any audiometer, spirometer, portacount, LDX device, and bedside monitor. This interface will facilitate immediate and trusted data capture regardless of the monitoring device — even without an Internet connection. The data will download electronically from the device for entry into the employee's electronic health record.











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