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Continuous improvement requires reliable status reporting and data analysis. ReadySet's dynamic reporting tool gives compliance managers the information they need for optimal enterprise program compliance.


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Powerful Report Generator for Occupational Health Reporting

compliance reportingAll program and compliance reports are created using ReadySet's powerful report generator. System templates offer a comprehensive set of data filters for compliance reporting and detailed reporting (i.e., location, department, cost center) within seconds. The report generator also enables the creation and sharing of customized reports to meet your requirements. Don’t spend hours creating reports yourself only to question the data’s validity as with other systems.

  • HR data feeds provide automatic transfer of data from your HR system into ReadySet® to ensure confidence in reported demographic information.
  • Role-based permissions are used to easily manage all report generation and viewing access.
  • Simplified OSHA and NHSN reporting — with automatic population of templates — provides your regulatory reports at the push of a button.











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