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FLU vaccinations pig gelatin white paper FLU Vaccines with Pig Gelatin


vaccinations-FLU-vaccines-white-paperEmployee health and employee well-being play significant roles in workplace productivity. Axion Health’s ReadySet immunization management module tracks each employee’s history of immunity, vaccination dates, titer results, and even sends out reminders to workers due for an immunization action.


Some patients have dietary, moral, or religious reasons for not consuming pig products. Thus, it is important for them to be aware of any vaccinations FLU vaccines containing pig additives. As clinicians and administrators, it is equally as important for you to understand how this relates to the vaccines administered under your care.


Eight currently used vaccines are known to be manufactured using gelatin originating from pigs (porcine gelatin). As a service to our customers and in support of their health programs, Axion Health systematically reviews package inserts prepared by vaccine manufacturers to identify which products contain porcine gelatin.


This white paper lists the specific vaccinations FLU vaccines containing pig additives for the 2013-2014 season and viable alternatives.



"Addressing Patient Concerns About Pig-gelatin in Vaccines" by Dr. Lee Newman, MD, MA, Chief Medical Information Officer, Axion Healthcare


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