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Quickly identifying and managing employee illness, injury, and exposures are important to helping
both the worker and organization return to maximum effectiveness.


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Standardized Tracking for Common Worker Health Issues

illness injury exposureThis module tracks a broad range of worker illness, injury and exposure events. It includes an integrated suite of participant surveys, clinical charting forms and report-of-injury forms. Custom reports let organizations consistently and accurately document, track, and report on the following:

  • Blood and body fluid (BBF) exposures including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and contaminated percutaneous injuries
  • Chemical Exposures, such as chemical spills, inhalation exposures, and skin exposures, including OSHA regulated hazards as well as other toxicants
  • Infectious disease exposures including pertussis, meningitis and TB
  • Physical Injuries including all injuries caused by slips, trips and falls, patient handling related injuries and workplace violence
  • Urgent care/walk-in type injuries or issues
  • First aid

The ReadySet illness, injury, and exposure module provides tracking of work restrictions, restricted and lost work days, documentation of consents and declinations, testing results and treatment encounters. It allows for the efficient management of worker care and meets a variety of reporting needs.


The module generates incident and injury reports (OSHA forms 300, 300A, 301). It covers blood and body fluids, clean sharps, chemical exposure, infectious disease exposure and physical injury. From inside the application, relevant lab tests can be scheduled and prescriptions submitted to pharmacies.


The ReadySet illness, injury, and exposure module provides:

  • Easy access on mobile devices
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time with Internet connectivity
  • Secure access backed by NIST 800-53 compliance1
  • Fast and accurate data entry & retrieval from employee electronic medical record
  • Auto-populated OSHA forms
  • Reduced time and errors through the elimination of double data entries
  • No distributing and collecting paper forms
  • No lost information
  • Online report-of-injury tool facilitates quicker notification of injury


1. NIST 800-53: National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-53, "Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations."


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