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Get Ahead of Your NHSN Annual Flu Report

ReadySet by Axion Health Inc.


Reduce the headaches associated with managing, tracking and reporting your Seasonal Flu Campaigns with ReadySet. ReadySet, by Axion Health, is the nation’s leading Employee Health Software Solution providing single “click” NHSN and compliance reporting.

How will your flu campaign work using ReadySet?

  1. Automatically launch your flu program with a simple "call to action email" from ReadySet. Your employees (and anyone else you need to track for flu vaccinations) will receive instructions to complete their smart "all-in-one" electronic form that collects consent, received elsewhere, declination and exemption information.

  2. Clinicians will quickly review electronic medical considerations at the point of care , complete the vaccination, and with just a couple of clicks, all required information is then charted.

  3. That’s it! Really! Your NHSN Flu and Compliance Reports are available INSTANTLY! All data is automatically tabulated. Download your reports with a single “click”.

Further streamline your campaigns -

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