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03-20-2018 / Immunity and Mumps Outbreak in 2018

A recent Mumps exposure was reported in Texas, where over 230,000 people may have been exposed. Can you identify your employees who are at risk? With ReadySet Immunity Reports, you can quickly identify employees who are not immune to Mumps and take action to properly protect them. Identify "at risk" employees by department (e.g. Emergency...

01-23-2018 / Get Ahead of Your NHSN Annual Flu Report

Reduce the headaches associated with managing, tracking and reporting your Seasonal Flu Campaigns with ReadySet. ReadySet, by Axion Health, is the nation’s leading Employee Health Software Solution providing single “click” NHSN and compliance reporting ...

08-03-2017 / Employee Self Service

The ReadySet "MyHealth" portal provides employees with an integrated way to access their health records, check appointments and complete surveys, significantly reducing distracting phone calls and email requests to employee health. Organizations that use ReadySet will recognize a savings of...





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